Veterinary Fine Needle Aspirate in McKinney, TX

All About Fine Needle Aspiration

If your pet in McKinney, TX, has a suspicious lump or bump, a biopsy may be necessary to understand its nature. Dr. Finn may recommend fine needle aspiration (FNA), a less invasive alternative to surgical biopsies. FNA involves extracting small samples of cells using a fine needle, providing insights into the lump or organ without the need for general anesthesia in most cases.

What Happens During a Fine Needle Aspirate?

Fine needle aspiration is a quick and minimally invasive procedure. Dr. Finn, in McKinney, TX, uses a fine needle to extract cell samples from abnormal masses, lesions, lymph nodes, organs, or fluid. Most pets tolerate the procedure well without anesthesia, though sedation may be required for sensitive areas. The collected sample is sent to a veterinary histology laboratory for examination, with results typically returned in a few days.

What Are the Advantages of Fine Needle Aspirate in McKinney, TX?

Fine needle aspiration offers several advantages. It is minimally invasive, requiring little to no sedation in most cases. The tiny needle minimizes the risk of bleeding, enabling sampling from multiple sites. The procedure is quick, with no downtime. FNA provides valuable information about cell types, parasites, or fungi, guiding treatment decisions or indicating the need for further testing.

Veterinary Fine Needle Aspirate

If you observe an unusual lump or bump on your pet or have concerns about their health in McKinney, TX, contact Pet Method Animal Hospital for a consultation. Dr. Hunter Finn may recommend a fine needle aspirate to evaluate your pet's condition and initiate prompt treatment. Schedule an appointment by calling (469) 581-8609 or requesting one online for compassionate care and tailored solutions for your feline or canine companion.