Periodontal Care In McKinney, TX

What Is Periodontal Care?

Just like humans, cats and dogs need good oral care to help them avoid periodontal problems. Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is the inflammation or infection of the gum tissue that can lead to tooth loss if left untreated.

Gum diseases, including gingivitis and periodontitis, are both preventable and treatable. Integrative veterinary expert Dr. Hunter Finn recommends yearly oral checkups and x-rays to detect dental problems, like gum disease, which can hide beneath the surface of the gumline. If gum disease is discovered, Dr. Finn provides deep cleanings along with surgical treatment options at Pet Method in McKinney, TX. He and his team aim to help pets live longer, more vibrant lives by providing the highest quality of care.

How Periodontal Care Works

For all veterinary dental procedures at Pet Method in McKinney, TX, your pet will be asleep under general anesthesia to ensure the highest degree of comfort and safety. Gum disease is usually diagnosed through dental x-rays performed at our  vet clinic. When discovered early on, gum disease is very treatable.

Stage one gum disease starts with inflammation or redness of the gums (gingivitis), which progresses into gum recession and exposure of the tooth roots in the later phases (periodontitis). Usually, a deep cleaning is done to remove excess plaque and tartar buildup. Late-stage periodontitis might require more advanced surgical treatments.

Dr. Finn will talk with you about establishing a good at-home oral care routine that includes brushing your pet's teeth along with dental hygiene chews or other approved dental products.

Healthy Teeth And Gums in McKinney, TX

Keep your pet's teeth and gums in great shape by bringing them to Pet Method in McKinney, TX for routine dental cleanings and exams. During your visit, Dr. Hunter Finn will teach you how to care for your pet's smile at home to help them avoid gum disease in the future. Contact our office by calling (469) 581-8609 to book a dental appointment for your pet.