Laceration Repair Services in McKinney, TX

What Is Laceration Repair?

Laceration repair is a crucial service for pets in McKinney, TX, who have experienced deep skin tears from traumatic events. Whether caused by bites, punctures, or sharp objects, lacerations can lead to severe bleeding.

Dr. Hunter Finn specializes in veterinary first aid and surgical techniques to address lacerations in cats and dogs. Urgent care visits are available to promptly assess and provide professional wound care for your pet.

How Do You Treat Lacerations?

In McKinney, TX, if your pet has a laceration that is causing continuous bleeding or penetrates deeply, it is considered a medical emergency. Contact Pet Method immediately for quick care. Dr. Hunter Finn will assess the wound, providing anesthesia or a light sedative to keep your pet calm.

Treatment includes cleaning the wound, applying antibiotic ointment to prevent infection, and, if necessary, taking x-rays to check for internal damage. Wound closure is typically done with stitches or staples, followed by the application of a protective bandage. Home care instructions are provided to support your pet's full recovery.

Wound Care for Dogs and Cats in McKinney, TX

When your pet in McKinney, TX, experiences an injury, trust the veterinary professionals at Pet Method for rapid and compassionate laceration repair. We are dedicated to helping your furry companion feel better again. Contact us by calling (469) 581-8609 for timely and expert wound care services.