Dental Cleaning And Polishing In McKinney, TX

What Is Dental Cleaning and Polishing?

Taking care of your pet's smile is one way you can help them live a longer, healthier life. At Pet Method in McKinney, TX, we recommend bringing your cat or dog in for professional dental cleanings once each year. These preventive veterinary visits involve the removal of plaque and tartar, in addition to thoroughly cleaning and polishing the teeth.

Along with a good at-home oral routine, dental cleanings for your cat or dog are key to preventing gum disease and secondary health problems, like tooth loss, heart disease, and kidney infections. Dr. Hunter Finn specializes in dental cleaning and polishing for cats and dogs at our vet clinic. He will ensure that your pet feels safe, relaxed, and comfortable throughout the dental treatment process.

What are the Benefits of Dental Cleaning and Polishing?

In addition to regular at-home dental care for your pets, professional cleaning and polishing once per year is critical for maintaining their overall dental and oral health. Primary benefits of in-office dental cleaning and polishing for your dog or cat include:

  • Preventing bad breath
  • Identifying tooth decay and/or damaged teeth
  • Preventing and/or treating gum disease, like gingivitis
  • Relieving tooth pain
  • Preventing worsening complications, including the loss of a tooth, kidney disease, organ damage, and more

What Happens During A Dental Cleaning in McKinney, TX?

During the dental cleaning and polishing treatment at Pet Method in McKinney, TX, your pet will be asleep under general anesthesia and carefully monitored during the professional dental cleaning and polishing treatment. Once the anesthesia has been given, Dr. Finn will perform an assessment of your pet's teeth and then utilize a scaling tool to remove excess plaque and tartar above and below the gumline. This process helps prevent gum diseases, like gingivitis and periodontitis. A polishing tool will then be used to thoroughly clean the surface of the teeth to help lessen future plaque and tartar buildup. Finally, a fluoride solution is applied, followed by a sealant to add an extra layer of protection for the teeth. Once your pet is fully awake from anesthesia, they will be released to go home.

Oral Care for Your Pet

Help your pet keep a clean mouth and fresh breath by scheduling yearly dental cleanings at Pet Method in McKinney, TX by calling  (469) 581-8609. Dr. Hunter Finn and his compassionate team help ensure that pets feel at ease throughout their oral care. We want to help your pet develop a positive association with going to the vet!