Nutritional Assessment In McKinney, TX

What Is A Nutritional Assessment?

Your canine or feline requires a specific diet to stay healthy, active, and vibrant over the course of their lifespan. There are many brands of cat and dog food available along with numerous types of diets, but sometimes it's difficult to know which one is best.

At Pet Method in McKinney, TX, integrative veterinary expert Dr. Hunter Finn takes a comprehensive approach to pet nutrition. After providing a whole-patient assessment, he will determine what to feed your pet based on breed, age, weight, and lifestyle. Dr. Finn is passionate about working with Dallas area pet owners to promote longer, healthier lives for their furry companions. Contact our vet office to schedule an appointment.

How Does A Nutritional Assessment Work?

During your nutrition consultation at Pet Method in McKinney, TX, Dr. Finn will screen and examine your pet. You will need to provide information about your pet's medical history, current diet, lifestyle, and environment. Sometimes, on-site lab testing is performed to gather more information about your pet's overall health. We will also weigh your pet and evaluate factors, like body fat, skeletal health, and muscle mass.

Once the assessment has been carried out, Dr. Finn will work with you to create a nutrition plan that includes the proper combination of fats, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals along with ideal feeding times. In some cases, nutritional supplements for your dog or cat might also be recommended.

Custom-Tailored Pet Nutrition in McKinney, TX

Dr. Hunter Finn is your go-to source for pet nutrition. At Pet Method in McKinney, TX, he works with pet owners to design diets that help pets not only survive but thrive. If you're seeking guidance on what to feed your dog or cat, contact our office by calling (469) 581-8609 to schedule a nutritional assessment today!