Mass Removal In McKinney, TX

What Is Mass Removal?

Many pets will develop lumps and bumps sometime during their lifespan. While some are harmless, others are masses or tumors that necessitate surgical removal. The team at Pet Method in McKinney, TX offers diagnostic testing to determine the size and scope of the mass and see whether it is benign or cancerous. If your cat or dog needs mass removal surgery, the procedure can be done right here at our vet clinic.

Dr. Hunter Finn will work to make the surgical experience as smooth as possible for you and your pet. Throughout the treatment process, he works to alleviate any fear or anxiety that may be caused by visiting the vet. To learn more about mass removal services in McKinney, TX, please contact our office for an appointment.

What Are the Benefits of Mass Removal?

Mass removal at Pet Method in McKinney, TX offers several great benefits for your pet (and you!), including:

  1. Procedure is safe, quick, and easy
  2. It’s performed under general anesthesia, so it won’t hurt
  3. Reduces risks of a cancerous tumor spreading
  4. Helps keep your pet healthy
  5. Provides peace of mind

What to Expect with Mass Removal in McKinney, TX

During your initial visit to Pet Method in McKinney, TX, Dr. Finn will perform a thorough exam to assess the size and placement of the mass. Usually, a biopsy is done by taking a sample of tissue in order to discover whether it is cancerous or benign. It's worth noting that not all tumors require removal.

Dr. Finn will discuss all of your options and inform you of any risks to help you make an informed decision regarding your pet. If lump removal surgery is necessary, your pet will be placed under general anesthesia.

The procedure itself is fairly simple. Dr. Finn will create an incision in the selected area, followed by extracting the mass and then closing the area with sutures. After the procedure, detailed follow-up instructions will be provided by our staff to ensure proper healing.

Ready to prioritize your pet's health? Schedule a compassionate and expert mass removal procedure at Pet Method Animal Hospital in McKinney, TX. Call us today at (469) 581-8609 to book an appointment with Dr. Hunter Finn and provide your furry friend with the care they deserve.